Enrollment Q&A 

How do I receive services?

Once approved by the state, you will receive funding from either the Family Support Waiver (FSW) or the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (CIHW). Private pay is also available. Please feel free to contact Pure Abilities for further rates and inquiries.

If you already have funding, contact your case manager to let them know you would like to meet with a therapist to set up an interview.

If you do not have funding, you can start the waiver application process through the link provided. 

Once I have chosen a provider, how soon will services start?

Services can begin within one week to two months, depending on urgency. Here is how that could look:

After your interview, you can contact your case manager and inform them if you have decided to choose Pure Abilities as your service provider. From there, it is up to your case manager to update the Notice of Action (NOA) with the appropriated amount of time you would like to spend with your chosen service. Once the case manager has finalized the NOA and has listed Pure Abilities as the service provider, a therapist will contact you to set up a time to begin recreational therapy sessions.

How do I complete an NOA?

NOA, meaning Notice of Action, is completed by the case manager. This is the approved state document that entails which service providers you have chosen. The allocated funds approved by the state includes how much time a provider will be given to meet with the client. This will be decided by the client, parent/guardian, case manager, and/or other members of the team. 

Who decides what goals and objectives the client will work on?

The client will receive an approved state document that is known as the Individualized Support Plan (ISP). This document will contain goals for the client to work on throughout the budget year. These goals are to be in line with the team members so everyone can work together to meet them. Goals and objectives will also be added through our services here at Pure Abilities. These goals will meet the standards of the client’s lifestyle and can change as needed with welcomed input from clients, parents, and/or guardians.